Living the California Dream – Orange County Home Equity Loans

Who knows how Orange County got its name? People have made up so many stories about O.C that over the years, separating fact from fiction has become as time-consuming as peeling an orange. One thing is certain about the place, though. It is easily one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the United States. Because of its desirable location, Orange County home equity loans understandably come with steep price tags.

Orange County Home Equity Loans: Expensive or Economical?

If your goal is to find a budget-friendly home, do not shop for Orange County home equity loans. Orange County is the country’s second most-expensive housing market. It is second only to San Francisco. In fact, as far as houses are concerned, the average Orange County home will cost you three times more than the average American house. According to the National Association of Realtors, Orange County home loans start at $710,000. The national median, on the other hand, is only $215,900.

Orange County Home Equity Loans: Selling Like Oranges

Despite its steep price, a house in Orange County remains a highly coveted property. Why shouldn’t it? An Orange Country address is synonymous to money and a life of privilege. Forget the place’s sandy coves, chiseled bluffs, and foam-covered oceans. There are other places in the United States that are just as beautiful but are much cheaper.

People take out Orange County home equity loans for two reasons: the natural beauty of the place and the O.C lifestyle. To many, an O.C home means you have well and truly made it big.

Orange County Home Equity Loans: In Perspective

Just how high could Orange County home loans go? Visualize this. In Coldwell Banker’s annual Home Price Comparison Index, a 2,200-square-foot Newport Beach house, with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a family room, and a two-car garage can set homeowners back by a whooping million and a half!

If you cannot imagine how well and truly expensive this is, take a look at these figures plucked from the same Home Price Comparison Index.

Washington, D.C – $727,250.00

Wilmington, Delaware – $377,250.00

Pensacola, Florida – $222,258.00

Atlanta, Georgia – $303,000.00

Honolulu, Hawaii – $745,454.00

Des Moines, Iowa – $247,000.00

Boise, Idaho – $213,808.00

Chicago, Illinois – $815,000.00

Munster, Indiana – $329,300.00

Boston, Massachusetts – $1,260,000.00

Chevy Chase, Maryland – $829,750.00

Wilmington, North Carolina – $286,650.00

Rye, New York – $869,125.00

Dayton, Ohio – $173,475.00

Clearly, Orange County home equity loans are not something you take out lightly. They are payments you would be making for a long, long time. Thus, it pays to do your research thoroughly and accurately. Find the properties that give you the best value for your money. After all, Orange County living is the golden California dream.

Have You Wondered What a Home Inspector Does?

Have you ever wondered what a home inspector does? Most people probably rarely think of home inspectors. In fact most people probably do not think of a home inspector until it is too late. This is particularly true when it comes to buying a new home or if you are a first time home buyer. I recently had a chat with a local mortgage broker who has closed over 3000 loans. When asked how many of his clients had opted for a home inspection the number was shockingly low.

Autos are required, at least in the Metropolitan Atlanta area in North Georgia, to be inspected regularly. And now days most people will buy a pre-certified auto or at least have a mechanic check out the car that they are thinking about purchasing. Can you believe it is more important to have a car inspected annually or have it checked out than it is to have a home inspection performed before selling or buying a home?

A home inspection by a certified home inspector is not nearly as expensive as you think but the cost of not having a house inspected could be significant. There are many homes in the Canton and Woodstock areas which were built over 20 years ago which have never been inspected other than by the local government inspectors. A certified professional Georgia home inspector works on behalf of the buyer, when buying a new home, which is different than other types of home inspections.

A certified home inspector will check out all areas of your home, including the roof and basement or crawlspace and everything in between.

As an Atlanta home inspector, I encourage you to be there for the entire inspection and if that is not possible because of time constraints, then the last half hour so that I can personally go over any issues and answer any questions that you may have.

There is an old rule in real estate investing which says “The eyes have it.” What that means is to get professional eyes on the home you intend to purchase so they will see things your eyes may miss in the flurry of activity. Contact a Georgia home inspector today for more information. It will give you peace of mind in the long run.

Advice on Purchasing Your New Home

2009 is a new year and we are starting to see marked improvement in the Atlanta home sale market. If you are considering purchasing a home, there will never be a better time. Rates are low and there are great values in homes in Atlanta and surrounding areas. As you begin your home buying adventure, let me offer some advice to make this process a pleasant and rewarding experience.

A home purchase is possibly the largest financial transaction to date, so it is important to make good decisions and to be well informed. Your Real Estate Agent and your Loan Officer will be valuable assets to you as you begin to research the area. Whether you are looking at Atlanta new homes for sale or you are looking at the Atlanta home sale market, in general, surround yourself with knowledgeable, helpful real estate and mortgage professionals. They are the keys that will make this a happy, memorable event in your life. Your Real Estate Agent and your Loan Officer will work together to help you buy the home of your dreams.

Where do you begin? Your first step is to meet with a reputable, knowledgeable Loan Officer for your pre-qualification. Your Loan Officer will help you find the best loan program to meet your personal situation and needs. Once your pre-qualification is complete, you will meet with your Real Estate Agent and starting looking for the home of your dreams in the Atlanta home sale market. With your pre-qualification letter in hand, your Real Estate Agent can negotiate the best deal for you. Work closely with your winning Realtor/Loan Officer team and you will be celebrating the purchase of your new home before you know it. In the Atlanta home sale market, there are many beautiful homes for you to choose from so start looking for an Atlanta new home today. Ask your friends to refer a Loan Officer or realtor they were happy doing business with.

Good Luck in your search and enjoy your new home!