Atlanta Home Mortgages

When purchasing a new home in Atlanta, a buyer should consider the mortgage interest rate and his own financial capability. Then he should think about the lending period of the home mortgage. Generally in the case of a fixed rate mortgage, where the rate of interest stays the same, the time span ranges between 15 years to 30 years.

If the borrower goes for long-term loan, obviously his interest payment will be higher. However, he can avoid that without reducing the initial size of the mortgage through higher monthly payments of the principle amount. But higher monthly installments reduce the flexibility of the borrower. To avoid this he may opt to pay one extra monthly payment every year.

The borrower may also choose an adjustable rate home mortgage in which interest rates fluctuate with market interest rates. The interest rates of such mortgages will be lower when compared to those of fixed rate mortgages. In such a mortgage, the borrower pays lower interests for the first four or five years followed by interest rates in accordance with market indexes. Therefore personal priorities and resources are carefully considered before applying for any home mortgage.

The borrower may research home mortgage options with a real estate broker. Or he can do his research online. There is a controversy reporting that whites in Atlanta receive five times as many home loans from Atlanta banks as blacks of the same income. In order to overcome this, the $20 million Atlanta Mortgage Consortium (AMC), a lending pool, has been hiring a number of black-owned public relations firms.