Atlanta Mortgage Brokers

Atlanta Mortgage Brokers help borrowers initiate the loan. They verify credit and property aspects of the loan and provide the information to the lender for assessing the credit worthiness of the borrower. Mortgage brokers also help the borrowers in sourcing the best loan, which suits his needs and requirements.

The customers select mortgage brokers through referrals. Asking friends and relatives and taking their suggestions seem to be the best way for the selection of a broker. However before selecting, the customer needs to assess whether the broker is providing the correct estimate of the total cost of the home.

An Atlanta Mortgage broker offers services through Atlanta mortgage brokers are paid agents who bring lenders and borrowers together and build a network relationship. They give advice to borrowers if they face problems in qualifying for a loan and also regarding credit issues.

Once the broker has secured a home loan for a customer, he will provide all the necessary state and federal documents required for the transaction. Since the Atlanta mortgage broker has the accessibility of the different lenders, he will allow the borrower to find a suitable loan according to his needs. Once the broker secures the loan at the wholesale price from the lender, he will add his markup to the price.

There is a syndicate of mortgage brokers called the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) established in 1973. This is the national trade association of the Atlanta mortgage broker industry with 46 state affiliates and more than 24000 members. It promotes the mortgage broker industry by providing services like education, professional certification and the government affairs representation. The Atlanta mortgage industry is subjected to 10 federal laws and five federal enforcement agencies.